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Rolec + Wattif

Rolec’s smart EV charging hardware, combined with Wattif’s turnkey solution and funding options = the ultimate charging solution

Wattif EV UK and Ireland have entered into a strategic partnership with Rolec EV, whereby Wattif has been appointed their preferred funding partner for Rolec EV customers

Rolec’s smart EV charging hardware, combined with Wattif’s turnkey solution and funding options, is the perfect solution to enable everyone to install and operate EV charging in their car park.

Funding options

You can choose from the following funding options:

  • Turnkey solution: a fully-funded complete turnkey solution, including hardware, charge point installation, maintenance and software; meaning no risk of investment for the business.
  • Joint venture: Wattif EV will share the upfront capital cost. Wattif EV will take responsibility for installation, maintenance and operation but as equal partners, net revenue will be shared equally with the customer.

Why Wattif´s smart system

  • You can prioritise the order in which cars can charge, preventing network overloads.
  • You gain a comprehensive overview of power usage, costs, and revenue through centralised control of all chargers.
  • Troubleshooting, rebooting, and maintenance are managed through cloud-based solutions.
  • We construct scalable charging facilities, making it easy to install more chargers if needs change

The benefits of teaming
up with Wattif

Everything taken care of

Looking for hassle-free access to charging infrastructure and services? We’ve got it all covered, so you can relax and enjoy the rewards. It’s all about minimal effort and maximum satisfaction – both for your business and your EV users.

Choose what’s right for you

Tailored Solutions, Your Way. Select only the services you want from us. From different funding options, installation, upgrades, managing and maintaining, or just a helping hand to guide you through.

Simple for parking place owners, simple for EV drivers

We provide flexible EV charging wherever you need it. Getting you up and running quickly and smoothly with straightforward advice and packages that work for you – and your end users will love.

“Wattif EV’s funding model is a breakthrough in the EV charging industry. We’re proud to partner with a company that makes helping save the planet accessible to companies of any size. They’re perfect for providing funding to our customers.”

Rolec Services Ltd