Over 30 new charging points in the Grieg Garage in Bergen

“It is a big day for Wattif. In the world’s electric car capital and our own hometown, we are now opening a state-of-the-art charging facility, which will make it easier for people to charge in the centre of Bergen.” says CEO of Wattif EV, Robert Svendsen.

Through a partnership with Bergen Parkering, Wattif has increased the number of charging points in the Grieg Garage sixfold. This collaboration facilitates integrated and smart charging where the cars are already parked, ie in car parks. The concept is based on letting people charge where they normally park, rather than having to park somewhere in order to charge. With a completely unique charging capacity in the middle of the city centre, you can get up to 22 kW of charging power while enjoying everything Bergen has to offer.

Charge where you park

GriegGarasjen is a classic example of what is known as ‘destination charging’. The car park is only 200 meters from the Festplassen and is the most modern and spacious in the city centre, offering over 400 parking spaces. Bergen Parkering has long been a driving force behind the electrification of the car park, and works to make it easier for everyone driving to the city centre, to make sustainable choices. Since they took over operations in autumn 2021, it has been a goal to offer more sustainable and customer-friendly mobility with a focus on new, smarter solutions. Wattif’s charging solution was therefore a natural choice.

“Where parking operators previously had to be responsible for both the development, investment, installation and operation of charging points, by entering into an agreement with Wattif we were able to have one of the market’s smartest charging systems delivered and ready for use. The new charging zone in GriegGarasjen is a prestigious project for both us and our new partner, and we are already in dialogue about new charging zones at other parking facilities.” says Trond Birkeland, General Manager of Bergen Parkering.

Incredible demand

At the end of 2022, there were over half a million electric cars in Norway , and almost 80% of new car sales consist of electric cars. Most electric car owners have charging facilities at home; nevertheless, we see an huge amount of demand for more charging infrastructure, especially in the big cities. Bergen is often called Europe’s electric car capital because of our impressive electric car density, and we see an ever-increasing demand for quick and easy charging on the go.

Seamless charging experience

The charging zone is equipped with 31 brand new DEFA Power chargers, one of the most modern and user-friendly chargers on the market. With clear information about the charging process in the display and easy connection with an integrated charging cable, charging could hardly be easier.

“Congratulations to all electric car drivers in Bergen and Bergen Parkering with a state-of-the-art charging facility in the new GriegGarasjen. With Wattif, the city has got a charging facility that focuses on user experience and provides the future of charging today.” says Anders Granquist, EVP at DEFA.

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