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The rapid growth of electric vehicles underscores the rising demand for charging solutions among guests and visitors, making them a crucial investment for the future.


The investment in a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles represents a sign of social responsibility, sustainability, innovation and technological leadership. It shows that you are actively contributing to tackling climate change and promoting the development of an environmentally friendly future. With the ever-increasing interest in electric vehicles, implementing a charging infrastructure will allow you to meet the needs of your customers, visitors and guests who travel electrically while remaining competitive in a dynamic market environment.

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Increasing number of guests

By optimizing the guest experience and having a presence on booking portals, you can significantly expand your reach, which leads to an increase in your customer base.

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Maximise your ROI

Our easy-to-use charging solution enables your guests and visitors to charge their electric vehicles easily and efficiently. This allows them to enjoy their stay to the fullest.

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The commitment to electromobility not only signals environmental awareness, but also a forward-looking orientation and is highly appreciated by environmentally conscious guests

“We’re delighted to partner with Wattif EV. We’ve been impressed by their responsiveness and professionalism at every stage. We’re always looking to promote sustainability across our sites, so are keen to install more EV chargers. They’ve allowed us to not only meet our current customers’ needs, but become more attractive to future customers too. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

David Broach, Director – Allia Future Business Centres

The benefits of teaming
up with Wattif

Everything taken care of

Looking for hassle-free access to charging infrastructure and services? We’ve got it all covered, so you can relax and enjoy the rewards. It’s all about minimal effort and maximum satisfaction – both for your business and your EV users.

Choose what’s right for you

Tailored Solutions, Your Way. Select only the services you want from us. From different funding options, installation, upgrades, managing and maintaining, or just a helping hand to guide you through.

Simple for parking place owners, simple for EV drivers

We provide flexible EV charging wherever you need it. Getting you up and running quickly and smoothly with straightforward advice and packages that work for you – and your end users will love.

The package that’s right for you

We have four packages to choose from. Simply select the one that suits your needs the best then sit back and let us take the of the rest.
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For zero responsibility owning or running EV charging points, this is the one for you.

  • We pay for all the kit, software, and installation
  • We manage your EV charging every step of the way
  • You get a share of the net revenue


When you choose this option, you’re in control. Ideal if you have the funding for installations and want to take ownership of the charge points.

  • You pay for all kit and installation
  • We manage the ongoing running of the charge points
  • You get a share of the net revenue


Together, we share both the responsibility and the rewards. We are fully committed to shared success.

  • We can share the costs of equipment and installation
  • Wattif takes care of the management and software, so you can focus on what matters
  • We share the net revenue accordingly
  • Some of the outlay from you, some from us, so we’re partners in responsibility and sharing the net revenue.

Charging as
a service

Ideal for those looking for a fixed cost solution.

  • A simple subscription service
  • You choose who pays for the kit and installation
  • Tailor your experience by choosing additional services, such as support and maintenance, while we handle the software management

People we work with

We have representation in the UK, The Nordics, Germany and the Netherlands and our customers are key to what we do. Our customers are varied and comprised of: property owners, hotels, healthcare providers, shopping centres, offices and commuter and on-street parking businesses.

Discover what we can do for you

Our experts are here to help, whatever your EV charging needs. So get in touch now and let’s get you moving.