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About Wattif

Born in Norway, we do things differently. We start everything with ‘what if’. We will not rest till we have made EV charging available, for all.

Our journey began in Norway, where we dared to be different. In 2021, Wattif EV AS was founded by Kåre Nystad and Morten Rørvik. Together with their co-founders Robert Svendsen and Bjørn-Erik Dale, they decided to approach the challenge that EV charging was posing with a resounding “what if,” relentlessly pursuing a vision of democratising charging to foster cleaner air for all.

With the support of an experienced and ambitious leadership and advisory team, with an international track record in rapid scaling and start-ups, the business rapidly established itself as a strong force in EV charging across Europe. After Norway, Wattif quickly expanded to Sweden, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our mission is clear: we simplify access to charging infrastructure, transforming parking spaces into charging spaces. We champion straightforward solutions that make life easier for our customers and end-users, embracing speed to eliminate unnecessary complexity. At Wattif EV, customisation reigns supreme. We prioritise our customers, offering a one-stop shop for all their EV charging needs. From funding to installation, smart upgrades, and ongoing management and maintenance, we’ve got it covered.

Your needs lead the way as we reshape the future of charging.

How it all began

Kåre Nystad, one of Wattif’s founders, was on a long road trip and realised he didn’t have enough charge to get home. He was out in the countryside in Norway, with no service stations or fast charging points nearby. It wasn’t that there was a lack of charging points, as Norway has embraced EVs as part of its culture for many years now, but there were no public charging points. This was when he came up with the idea.

What if he could use a charging point and pay the owner for the power he uses?

What if he could have access to software that would know how much he draws down and he could pay the owner a little profit for the privilege?

What if there were a wider range and geographical spread of charging options, which are cheaper than the traditional fast charging points?

What if you could change the idea from parking at a charging point – to charging at a parking point?

What if… became Wattif EV.



In March 2023 we took another big leap forward. Adding Norway’s pioneering EV charging company, BilLader, to the Wattif family. Having seen them install over 2,000 charge points across 61 sites in their first 10 years, we knew we had to get them onboard.

Who is BilLader?

Founded in 2013, BilLader quickly grew to become Norway’s leading experts in installing new EV charging sites. The reason? Their own unique smart power management system and exceptional planning and engineering capability.

The power of BilLader

Their unique management system is more advanced than most. It can regulate demand for power across a number of charge points to avoid expensive tariffs at peak times, and even over-demand fines.

What our partnership means

Put simply, acquiring BilLader allows us to offer even simpler, more profitable options wherever you want to install a network of chargers. And increase our growing influence in the end-to-end EV charging infrastructure.

For more information about BilLader, click here.

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