Getting connected: Wattif EV extends list of business collaborations in confirming new Swedish partnership with leading EV charger distributor EFUEL 

  • Wattif EV announces partnership as EFUEL’s preferred charge point operator
  • EFUEL is one of the market-leading Swedish charge point providers
  • Initial collaboration expected to generate additional business opportunities
  • Wattif EV estimates operating a significant increase in EFUEL charge points
  • EFUEL’s charging network complements Wattif EV’s destination charging network strategy and ambition for European growth

Bergen/Stockholm, 28th August 2023

Norwegian electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator, Wattif EV, has strengthened its growing list of European partnerships through a new deal with Swedish electric charge point provider EFUEL.

EFUEL is one of the largest providers of electric car charging points in Sweden with a market share of approximately 30 per cent of all delivered charging boxes. The company’s success led to its purchase by DistIT ( in 2021, a company listed on the Swedish stock exchange. Wattif EV, the rapidly growing European scale-up charge point operating specialist based in Bergen (with a subsidiary in Stockholm), estimates a potential to operate thousands more charge points installed in Sweden by EFUEL over the next five years.

The partnership targets Wattif being the exclusive operator for this significant increase in future EFUEL- delivered charge points in Sweden by the end of 2027. The ambition for both businesses is for existing and new customers to benefit through the combination of EFUEL’s expertise in charger hardware and Wattif’s expertise in operating systems using state-of-the-art software and user experience knowledge.

Robert Svendsen, CEO Wattif EV, said: “Collaboration between distributors, installers and operators of EV charging points is key to the required increase in EV charge points: ultimately, operation and associated user cost/benefit considerations through smart software and ease of use is all the car owner cares about – which is Wattif’s offering and strength in these partnerships.

“This partnership with EFUEL recognises that for many car buyers in Europe, being able to charge at home and at destinations, and not en-route, is a requirement to fulfil demand and needs to be hassle-free: we have connected with EFUEL to help existing and new EV car owners have a better user experience.

“Wattif EV aims to be one of the leading EV charge point operators in Europe and Scandinavia, providing a platform for significant market impact in European car markets where we already operate. We will achieve this through expansion of our own branded charging network as well as partnerships with businesses such as EFUEL which benefit from our expertise and connect with our destination charging strategy.”

Johan Stubert, Deputy CEO at DistIT said “For EFUEL, this partnership allows us to focus on our core business and prioritise our customers as the leading distributor of EV chargers in Sweden. We look forward to working together with Wattif EV to continue to expand our market share in Sweden.”

EFUEL will promote Wattif as its preferred charge point operator on existing and future sales of charge points. Both companies plan for an aggressive but achievable target that will see them reinforce their local market influence. This, in turn, will help Wattif EV’s key European markets to benefit from the Scandinavian experience and huge market penetration of EVs.  

Further discussions are expected to continue between Wattif and EFUEL over its existing portfolio of charge points, principally focusing on conversion to Wattif operation and a longer-term Wattif EV / EFUEL arrangement.  

Wattif EV: journalists’ notes

Wattif EV is an end-to-end provider and a full service offering for EV charging. It is a Norwegian infrastructure company with a global market, headquartered in Bergen. The Company has contracts covering around one million parking spaces in Europe and in early 2023, acquired BilLader AS, a CPO in Norway with over 2000 active users.  Wattif recently secured €50m initial funding from Marguerite, one of Europe’s leading sustainability infrastructure investors.

The company currently operates in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Ireland and UK. Wattif EV has specialized in destination charging, providing hassle-free access to charging infrastructure, everywhere. By entering into partnerships with car park owners, the company wishes to accelerate to build-out of charging infrastructure.

The company currently has around 70 associates and is fast growing. The CEO is Robert Svendsen and the Chairman of the board is Bård Mikkelsen.

The EFUEL partnership adds to a growing portfolio of similar partnerships for Wattif generated in the past six months, principally in Norway, Sweden and the UK, including:

-  Rolec, EV charger hardware suppliers and distributors in UK.

– Solar Sweden in Norway and Sweden, and DEFA, a leading Norwegian-based EV charger supplier  

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Media Contacts:

Robert Svendsen, CEO – Norway Tel: +47 947 98 363
Janis Prescott, VP Marketing – UK Tel. +44 7767 420600


EFUEL is one of Sweden´s leading distributors of hardware for EV charging in Sweden with the vision of enabling a smooth transition to sustainable energy consumption. With an initial focus on products in EV charging, the company is building growth through strong relationships in the industry, a first-class local customer service and solid product range. EFUEL was founded in 2019 and has been part of the DistIT Group since 2021.

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