Laddel, one of the fastest growing ChargePoint operators in Norway, joins the Wattif Group

Laddel becomes part of Wattif

Laddel, one of the fastest growing ChargePoint operators in Norway, joins the Wattif Group 

– Both companies share a commitment to simplifying and enhancing the accessibility of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging for everyone. Together we will continue to develop the best charging experiences and solutions that contribute to the green transition,” says Robert Svendsen, CEO of Wattif EV. 

The Bergen-based charging and infrastructure company Wattif is the Nordic region’s leading charging operator, and currently operates over 26,000 charging points. In a market with tough competition, both companies see great benefits in working together. 

  – Laddel has industrial experience, a large network of electricians and great growth ambitions. This cooperation will benefit all existing and new customers. Wattif wants to contribute to realising Laddel’s ambition to operate 30,000 charging points by 2025. Laddel will also provide Wattif with new expertise and functionality, especially through their fleet management solution,” says Svendsen. 

CEO of Wattif, Robert Svendsen together with project manager Lars Oskar Kilen.

CEO of Wattif, Robert Svendsen together with project manager Lars Oskar Kilen.

Contribution to the green transition 

Originating as a university project, Laddel has swiftly evolved over the past two years to emerge as a significant player in the Norwegian EV charging arena. The company specialises in advanced fleet management, a strategic addition that complements Wattif’s diverse portfolio. 

 – Many companies with electric cars encourage their staff to charge their cars at home rather than during working hours. Laddel’s innovative system, designed to effortlessly reimburse employees for charging company cars at home, benefits both the company and its workforce.” says Svendsen.

Marius Jensen, CEO of Laddel, emphasises that the collaboration reinforces the potential for further growth and development. 

 – For Laddel, this is the continuation of an exciting journey. With the support from Wattif, we get better execution power to deliver on the increasing demand we are experiencing for our solutions,” says Marius Jensen. 

– Laddel’s customers will continue to receive the same high standard of service they are used to, while benefiting from Wattif’s expertise and resources. 

Laddel is part of the Acron Group, which provide technology and operational solutions for energy transition and energy efficiency. These include advanced battery storage systems that can also be connected to a charging park. CEO of Acron Group, Marvin Jensen, believes that the collaboration with Wattif is an important and right step for the company and its customers.   

 – We have benefitted from blending industrial experience with innovation and young entrepreneurship. This has shown how different environments together can contribute to important sustainability goals around the energy transition,” says Marvin Jensen.  

Important segment 

In 2023, Wattif secured €50 million in funding from investment fund Marguerite, one of Europe’s leading investors in sustainable infrastructure.  

Laddel secured the fourth position in the past year to join the prestigious ranks of the Wattif Group. 

 – From day one, our goal has been to become one of Europe’s leading providers of destination charging. We are already the leading charging operator within housing cooperatives in Europe with Charge365, and we want to expand within the fleet segment with Laddel. It is expected that both segments will become huge over the next ten years. We look forward to welcoming Laddel’s ambitious and talented team to our organization and working together to continue driving the industry into the future,” said Robert Svendsen, CEO of Wattif EV. 

Svendsen also reveals that the acquisition will not be the last in 2024. 

We are not done. The way forward is to roll out as many Wattif chargers as possible, as well as acquiring the right companies. We want to create the best charging experience for as many people as possible, and we will not be satisfied until we have reached this goal,” says Svendsen. 

  • Wattif EV AS has entered into an agreement to acquire Laddel AS 
  • Wattif operates over 26,000 charging points across six countries in Europe. This is a result of Wattif’s own sales activity, the acquisition of BilLader and the portfolio of EFUEL, as well as the acquisition of Charge365 at the end of last year. 
  • Wattif is number 1 in Norway and the Nordic countries in number of charging points, number 1 within housing associations in Europe and number 8 overall in Europe. 


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