The Wattif vision

Born in Norway, we do things differently. We start everything with ‘what if’. We will not rest till we have made EV charging available, for all.

Our Vision

Wattif is on a quest to enable destination charging as the route to net zero, and our vision is to make EV charging accessible to everyone. We wants to accelerate the electrification of the global car park by providing hassle-free access to charging infrastructure, everywhere.

We recognise the predicted exponential increase in demand for, and a shortage of, EV charging points across Europe and provides a solution with multiple funding, operational, maintenance and revenue sharing options.

From businesses to local authorities and landowners, Wattif has an EV charging solution to suit all your needs.

Our Mission

We want to become one of the leading destination charging provider for professional landowners in Europe. In order to do this, we shall enter into partnerships with parking space owners in key locations, and provide the most user-friendly EV charging system.

2021 – Wattif EV AS founded. Planning stage

Founded by Resort Svendsen, Kåre Nystad, Morten Rørvik and Bjørn-Erik Dale.

Q3 2021 – Organisational ramp-up

Q4 2021 – First major agreements in Sweden

H1 2022 – First installation of chargers

H2 2022 – Investment from Marguerite

Q1 2023 – Acquisition of BilLader AS

Our Vision in our Values

  • Sustainable – We act in an environmentally conscious manner. We are striving for a sustainable future, by bringing e-mobility into people’s everyday lives. Find out why sustainability is intrinsic to our values at Wattif >
  • Inspiring – We eliminate range anxiety, by enabling destination charging everywhere.​ Explore our charging network >
  • Fair – A trusting and cooperative relationship with our customers and partners, through integrity, respect, transparency and fair play.​
  • Innovative – We want to change the way EV charging is perceived, by challenging the established​.

Simple for you, simple for your end user​

We work at pace to reduce complexity and give you smart solutions that work for you and that your customers will love to use.​