Charging as a Service

Opt for Charging as a Service, to simplify your charging experience with a fixed, dependable cost structure.

Charging as
a Service

Introducing a simple, fixed-cost solution that empowers you to tailor your investment level and set a predictable monthly fee for seamless ongoing operations and maintenance.

For example, if you’re looking for a package that enables you to offer EV charging as an employee benefit or a service for residents in a residential block, this is for you.  Plus, rest assured that all operating costs can be comprehensively covered.

  • Wattif EV can take on the responsibility for the EV charging point installation and funding
  • Wattif will manage and operate the charge points, enabling long-term customer relationships and peace of mind for financial planning
  • Here, depending on the package you choose, there may be no Capex required
  • Streamlined Installation and Funding – Wattif EV can assume the responsibility for the installation and funding of your EV charging points, simplifying the process.
  • Comprehensive Management – Wattif will manage and operate the charge points, ensuring long-term relationships whilst providing financial peace of mind.
  • Predictable Pricing – Enjoy peace of mind with no utilisation risk. Our pricing remains fixed, regardless of usage, providing assurance for you.

Die Vorteile einer Partnerschaft
mit Wattif

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Im Rahmen der Partnerschaft bieten wir Ihnen maßgeschneiderte und bedarfsgerechte Lösungen an. Basierend auf Ihrer Investitionsmöglichkeit,
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Technologische Flexibilität

Unsere einzigartige, eigens entwickelte Software ist mit einer
breiten Palette an moderner und eichrechtskonformer Hardwarekompatibel.

Simple for you, simple for your end user​

We work at pace to reduce complexity and give you smart solutions that work for you and that your customers will love to use.​

“We saw there was a great demand for charging points as soon as the ski season started. With help from Wattif, we were able to install them without having to do anything ourselves. I can truly say that it’s a big asset and increases value for both us and our guests.”

Johan Gunnarstedt, CEO Kåbdalis Skdanläggning

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