Read through some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from some of our customers about our software and services.

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Will you need title or a charge on my land?

My building is quite old and only powers the car park lights at the moment. What’s the minimum power you need?

How much space do you need to install the chargers? Will it reduce the number of spaces I have? 

I earn revenue from my spaces already. Will you incorporate parking fees with charging fees? If so, is this included in my net revenue share or paid on top of it?

Do you promote my parking site? Do I become part of your network of chargers that you promote on my behalf?

What will this do for my ESG rating?

Do you use sustainable energy?

Can you link the chargers to my PhotoVoltaic (PV or solar) panels?

Do you use my existing energy provider, and do I need to renegotiate with them? If so, will I incur a penalty?

Can you provide signage for posts and on the ground?

What are the contract stages?

How long does the contract last once it’s signed?

Who owns and maintains the hardware?

What are your service provision guarantees? I don’t want to lose revenue if your chargers aren’t working.

Do I need to provide your staff 24-hour access to my property? Even if it’s secure (as guaranteed to my clients)?

Which hardware do you work with?

If you supply the hardware, what’s your upgrade/renewal/write-off policy? I don’t want to get stuck with out-of-date chargers.

Where can I see all the costs involved? A net revenue share looks appealing, but not if costs are decided by you, and are high.

How long will the agreement last, and how long will it take to provide a financial model?

How can we track charger use and the revenue we can expect?

Who insures the chargers for damage, and public liability?

Our employees travel on business, so we’ll need either an EV card version of their company fuel card, or to allow them to put it on expenses. Can your platform issue business invoices?

Is planning permission required for chargers?

Am I legally required to display the cost of charging in my car park?

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