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Empowering EV adoption in Europe

Our awareness of what’s going on in the industry puts us in a great position to support with consultancy on your EV charging movement.

Understanding the industry

Public charging infrastructure will play a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility and convenience, especially in densely populated urban areas.  According to the IEA, significant strides have been made across Europe to increase the number of public charging points.  As of 2023, there are 460,000 slow chargers and over 70,000 fast chargers, emphasizing the region’s commitment to expanding public charging infrastructure. Notably, Germany, France, and Norway have witnessed substantial growth in fast charger installations. Europe is determined to further bolster its public charging network, as reflected in the proposed Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation. This regulation sets electric charging coverage requirements across the trans-European transport network and aims to allocate over EUR 1.5 billion for alternative fuels infrastructure, including electric fast charging by the end of 2023.

Consultancy with Wattif

Understanding what’s going on in the industry is pivotal to helping you be ahead of the curve. Wattif thinks this is a great opportunity to install charge points where drivers would naturally park and stay for a number of hours – hence our proposal to focus on destination charging. This multi-tasking approach is a better option for EV drivers to charge, than to expect people to factor time into their busy schedules. Get in touch today and take advantage of our consultancy service to get you informed on your options, as well as explore some of our solutions and packages as to how we can help.

The benefits of teaming
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Everything taken care of

Looking for hassle-free access to charging infrastructure and services? We’ve got it all covered, so you can relax and enjoy the rewards. It’s all about minimal effort and maximum satisfaction – both for your business and your EV users.

Choose what’s right for you

Tailored Solutions, Your Way. Select only the services you want from us. From different funding options, installation, upgrades, managing and maintaining, or just a helping hand to guide you through.

Simple for parking place owners, simple for EV drivers

We provide flexible EV charging wherever you need it. Getting you up and running quickly and smoothly with straightforward advice and packages that work for you – and your end users will love.

“We saw there was a great demand for charging points as soon as the ski season started. With help from Wattif, we were able to install them without having to do anything ourselves. I can truly say that it’s a big asset and increases value for both us and our guests.”

Johan Gunnarstedt, CEO Kåbdalis Skdanläggning

Simple for you, simple for your end user​

We work at pace to reduce complexity and give you smart solutions that work for you and that your customers will love to use.​

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