Wattif EV welcomes new Managing Director, Jörg Koch-Losekamm

With a background in software and electrical engineering, Jörg Koch-Losekamm has had experience in international functions for 30 years. He has had the opportunity to work in various industries with different technologies, countries and cultures. He has learned one thing above all: trust, reliability and humanity are valued by all and are the key to lasting relationships. 

– Respect and trust towards employees and business partners are the basis for success. Those who feel respected and understood can rise above themselves if they have the opportunity to do so, Jörg Koch-Losekamm emphasises. 

Wattif EV is an end-to-end provider and a key enabler in the global shift to EV mobility. It is a Norwegian-founded company with a global market arena. Wattif recognises the predicted exponential increase in demand for, and a shortage of, EV charging points across the globe and provides a solution with multiple finance, operational, maintenance and profitability options.  

15 million EVs by 2030
Jörg Koch-Losekamm was asked to join Wattif EV after returning from his last job in Australia. He describes himself as “curious by nature and open to change. An engineer who looks forward to everything new like a child with bright eyes, so that the world changes for the better.” 

In Germany, sales of electric cars are stronger than ever before. There are currently over 600,000 electric cars on the roads in Germany. However, this means that millions more electric vehicles will have to be registered in the next eight years if the federal government’s current target is 15 million electric cars by 2030.

Simplicity is gold
The idea of working with Wattif appealed to Jörg Koch-Losekamm and he still remembers well when his friends from Wattif EV asked him if he wanted to make the world a better place. For him, it was a resounding yes. 

– I have recognised the potential of Wattif, and believe that it is a system with which you can really do something great for the planet. The simplicity of the concept makes Wattif unique, and I am looking forward to expand and optimize the charging infrastructure in Germany,” states Jörg Koch-Losekamm.


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