Wattif´s first year: through the eyes of our CEO

In one year, Wattif EV has gone from a concept, to having contracted more than 1.5 million parking spaces in six countries in Europe. How is that possible?

We have spoken to our CEO about the challenges Wattif has had to overcome in its first year.

What made you believe in Wattif EV as a concept?

– We discovered an opportunity in the market. We believe the destination charger is the longer term solution to net zero. This approach, combined with the people involved in the business, made the decision a no brainer. This was definitely something I wanted to be a part of.

From being the only employee one year ago, Wattif EV now has more the 180 associates across Europe. How did you get people on board so quickly?

– We gathered the best people in our network and sold the idea. That was pretty much it. The business case itself is great. When you combine that with people that bring excellence to the table – then you have a solid company.

What has been most challenging?

– The combination of being a start-up and an on-going business has been a juggle. Long before our first birthday, we were perceived as an established company with years of experience behind us, because so much has happened in 12 months. It has been challenging to others, and ourselves at times, to bear in mind that in fact we are a startup.

– What also differs us from others is that we have started in six countries simultaneously. Meaning we have very different markets, who are at different stages of EV penetration. The Nordics are way ahead of all other countries, which we are using to our advantage. The Nordic time machine will both help the other markets avoid bumps in the road and move faster towards the end goal.

Highlight of the year?

– Obviously, there are the important milestones. Our first big contract with Smart Parkering, our first installation, the first private placement that was immensely important at the time. Such milestones take the company to new levels. But personally, the highlight has been gathering a team. We are a modern company, and everyone works remotely, across Europe. We haven’t put limitations on where people do their job. But the times that we have gathered everyone and strengthened the bonds between us, has truly meant a lot to me.

Wattif has contracts on more than a million parking spaces already. How have you managed that?

– It all comes down to the business idea. When there is no risk nor investment required from the car park owner, you get people interested. When we also split the revenue with them, they realise that they have nothing to lose. We are constantly working on improving the solutions for our customers (the car park owners) and developing the best services for our end-users (the EV drivers).

What has made it possible to move forward so quickly?

– The people. It is all about the people. We have hired people based on attitude, not necessarily for their skills. Of course they are great at what they do, but it is their attitude that has brought the company to where it is today. It has been a key factor since day one.

Where do you see Wattif EV one year from now?

– This is always a tricky question. What I know for sure is that we will have set up thousands and thousands of chargers. No doubt about that. We will have many more employees in every target market. And most importantly, we will have contributed a giant step towards net zero. A lot of people have been hesitant to buy an EV because of the lack of charging infrastructure. When we have that in place, there will be no more excuses. And that will make a difference for the planet in the long run.


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