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In Summer 2021, Robert Svendsen became Group CEO of Wattif EV. The goal? To contribute to the EU’s climate neutral target and enable EV charging for the general public.

Svendsen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained from his highly successful roles as CEO and Chairman of various Norwegian and European corporations. Experience in people management, sales growth, product development and logistics has made Svendsen into a multi-faceted leader, driven by a desire to grow and challenge not only himself, but those around him. 

His highly transferrable skills from both start-ups and multinational, vertical integrated industries have held him in good stead to take on the mantle of CEO at Wattif EV.  The founders of this young company approached Svendsen in early 2021, with a concept that ignited a spark and he set his sights on a new challenge. 

Wattif EV wants to accelerate the electrification of the global car park by providing hassle-free access to charging infrastructure, everywhere.

– We need to find a way to support owners to build up the EV charger network – and we want to make a meaningful difference towards a greener future, says Svendsen. 

Wattif EV is an end-to-end provider and a key enabler in the global shift to EV mobility. It is a Norwegian-founded company with a global market arena. Wattif recognises the predicted exponential increase in demand for, and a shortage of, EV charging points across the globe and provides a solution with multiple finance, operational, maintenance and profitability options. 

– This is a very exciting period for electrification and to be a part of it, at such an early stage, gives me the opportunity to make a significant impact. Here at Wattif EV, we can mould this business within a fairly immature market place, to ensure it meets the needs of this ever increasing market, says Svendsen. 

From the moment Svendsen joined the business, he was tasked with building his team. Within a very short period of time, he called upon his network and has already created a very strong selection of more than 40 people across 7 countries and multiple disciplines – all of whom he’s either worked with before, knows personally or has had personal recommendations – and he hasn’t been disappointed.  Svendsen believes “It’s all about the people.

– I’m so proud of my team coming together in such a short space of time. This quick start off the blocks has given the business amazing momentum and will enable us to continue to build the business. 

Outside of work, Svendsen applies the same dedication and commitment to himself and his family, as he does his career.  He starts every day with an hour of meditation to clear and re-energise his mind before setting himself his daily goals and structure. A big believer in personal development, he reads self-development books and puts into practice the techniques which make him a better leader, a better father and overall, a better person. 

Svendsen is an amazing athlete – winning Norwegian National Triathlon Championship in 2017 and 2019, he has proven time and again that his approach, his plan and his overall preparation is what pays off.  Svendsen said “…the race is only the coming together of months, if not, years of preparation and dedication.”  In 2021 alone, he clocked up 650 recorded hours of training and fitness. 

There is no doubt that Svendsen will build up, manage and lead the Wattif EV business from strength to strength. His aspirations, drive, commitment and ability to bring people with him is outstanding.

– 2022 is going to be a phenomenal year for me, my team and Wattif EV.  Watch this space and hold onto your hats! 


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