We have a number of investors, but our principal investor is Marguerite.

Wattif proudly partners with Marguerite, a leading pan-European investor in sustainable infrastructure projects.

With a focus on capital-intensive sectors such as Energy & Renewables, Digital Transformation, Waste & Water, and Transport, Marguerite manages four European infrastructure funds, the most recent being Marguerite III. Over the years, the company has deployed over €1.5 billion into projects designed to address the changing infrastructure landscape in Europe by integrating ESG principles and creating positive change for society.

Marguerite III benefits from support from the European Union under the InvestEU Fund.

Set up in 2010 with strong European backing, they’ve evolved into a value-driven fund manager with teams in Luxembourg and Paris. Marguerite’s partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to lead in European charging infrastructure.

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Marguerite investor logo
Marguerite investor logo

“We strongly believe in Wattif EV’s strategy to target the destination charging segment in countries leading the way for electric vehicle adoption. We look forward to working with Wattif’s founders and management to accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure and enable Wattif to become one of the leading providers in Europe.”

Michael Dedieu, Managing Partner

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